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Special Guest: Will Schwalbe, Author of Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home
Author: Tim Taylor


The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home


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Interview with Will Schwalbe


  • On forwarded emails delete the forwarding information before you sent the information.
  • NEW EDITION: Send: Why People Send Email So Badly and How to Do It Better
  • How to Keep Email from Taking Over your Life
  • Some people allow email to control their day
  • Automatic Reply: Good Idea
  • Put the hours in that you answer emails
  • Take your computer offline when you answer emails so you are not distracted by new emails
  • Be careful what you send (don’t send anything you wouldn’t want on the cover of a newspaper)
  • Emails written at your company are owned by your company
  • Be careful with “tones” on emails – insert smiley face.
  • If a reply is not necessary put “No reply necessary” in the email – cut your emails by 25%
  • Put a subject line that relates to the message




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