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Special Guest: Dave Arland, from Zenith Electronics, Corp.
Author: Tim Taylor


Dave Arland from Zenith Electronics, Corp. is calling from Computer Electronic Show in Vegas and talking to Tim about the upcoming conversion from analog to digital.

To learn more about the conversion go to:


About Converter Boxes

-         Conversion is from Analog to Digital

-         Shut off is scheduled for Mid February

-         Promotions regarding the switch

-         This is an important historic switch

-         Make sure you have a converter box

-         This affects 10% of  population that don’t have cable or satellite

-         With some boxes (including the Zenith box) you can fill the screen

-         Benefit: More channel choices

-         Another Benefit: Enjoy a Better Picture

-         Buy, Try and Enjoy a Zenith Box!

-         Will still need an antenna

-         Battery Powered Converter boxes available for small portable boxes (Need Video input on TV)

-         200 different kinds of boxes (most similar)

-         $40 Coupon from Government (waiting list 1-888-dtv2009)

-         Cost for converter Boxes $60



·        1/3 of individuals are unaware of the transition

·        99% of adults live in a household with at least 1 television

·        15% of individuals live in households that rely exclusively on over the air programming.

·        Of those that have at least 1 television 2/3 of those individual incorrectly believe they are not affected.


Resources (exact positioning for antennas) (Zenith Web Site) (recycle electronics) (what screen size you need)



New from Computer Electronic Show in Vegas

-         3D television

-         Focus on Ecology, Environment, ways to save money



·        Unable to copy text from document into email.

·        Questions regarding conversion from Analog to Digital

·        Printer Problem



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