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Special Guest: Randy Scogland Executive Director of Americans for Technology Leadership
Author: Tim Taylor


Americans for Technology Leadership is a broad-based coalition of technology professionals, consumers and organizations dedicated to limiting government regulation of technology and fostering competitive market solutions to public policy issues affecting the technology industry.


  • Represent Consumers Interests on the Internet
  • Forming solutions
  • Based out of Washington
  • Educational Organization
  • Tips on staying safe online
  • 70 % of people that go online think they are safe online, but actually only 40% are

                        -Make sure you install updates (fix security holds).

                        -Keep Web Browser and Security updates up to date.




Online Privacy: How much information are people giving up when they are online. Consumer should know what information is being collected and how it is being used (marketing i.e Google).


Who ranks sites for Google? Discussion


Chain Letter emails and Online Greeting Cards – Are they safe?

Check emails, Make sure you know who they are coming from. It’s better not to open the greeting cards. Beware when clicking on a link inside of an email.



  • Run Time Error: Suggestion: Update to Explorer 7, Make sure Windows Updates are Installed.
  • Surfing the internet with a PS3. Suggestion: Directly connect to it – it runs faster.
  • Removing a Virus: Suggestion: Go to a reputable site to download Virus Protection Software (AVG). Make sure you don’t get a fake site.
  • Laptop Issue: Damaged Motherboard
  • Download software and need all files removed: Try PC Cleanup, Delete Cookies
  • Updates for Java (OK to run updates), Error when shutting down computer
  •  Wants to buy a laptop (recommendations: Get inexpensive one, decide on the size of screen).
  • Home WIFI Issue: Laptops at different speeds, disconnecting. Suggestion: Get a G Router for faster connection.
  • Forwarding Emails (not hurting, but not suggested)
  • Malwarebytes: Good free program for the removal of Malware
  • Partitioning Hard Drive
  • DVD Drive Errors (Get better software or upgrade the free software that came with it.
  • Internet Issues. Check lights – keep reporting it. Call when line is down. They can check it.

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