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Special Guest: Scott Moulton of My Hard Drive Died (.com)
Author: Tim Taylor


My Hard Drive Died (.com)

Scott Moulton

State Investigator (all data is kept confidential)


If your computer died this is THE company to use to get your hard drive files recovered. Send your  hard drive to My Hard Drive Died in order to get your files back.



If you computer is “clicking” that is a good sign that you need a professional to retrieve the data. There is a read arm that is damaged.



Hard Drive Maintenance Tools:


-         MHDD: Free tool that checks each sector of your computer

-         SpinRite

-         Ultimate Boot CD: Boot off of CD and it will have diagnostic tools on it.


Pandora: Tool to recover files from Jump Drive (


Water Damaged Hard Drive? If your computer is damaged by water, send the hard drive to My Hard Drive Died in the same water that the computer was emerged into. Pack the hard drive in the same water ( not fresh water)



Sony Vaio Recalls

Recalled because of irregular positioned wires can short circuit and cause overheating.

(15 reports)




And 2000 series

Effects over 73,000 units

Contact Sony


iPods: 3 fires due to battery defects




-Vista Locking Up (run Windows update)

-Damaged Hard Drive

-Wants more Hard Drive Space

-Get rid of Firefox

-Fired Motherboard


Other Notes:


New Browser – Chrome

- Browse the internet in “Incognito Mode” (no history, cookies)


Bob’s Site of the Week:


Notes: Ink Cartridges do Expire! Check expirations dates!

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