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Special Guest: Mike Elgan of The Raw Feed, New Technology, iPhone 3G Network, Anti-Virus and Spam – VIRUS ALERT!
Author: Tim Taylor



*Install Microsoft Patch for Bad computer virus.


Do not download or install XP Antivirus 2007 or 2008.


This is not an Antivirus program. It is Spyware and Malware that wants to infect your computer.


There is a new security risk and Spyware Trojan out and about right now, and it is easy to get infected. It is called XP Antivirus 2008. XP Antivirus 2008 normally generates a fake and misleading system popup error message detecting that your


"system has a virus or to UPDATE your existing antivirus".


Once you click on it, it will infect your PC and continually pop up messages wanting you to buy the product to remove your false infections.




Mike Elgan of The Raw Feed


iPhone Notes from Mike Elgan


-1/2 the price, but the service costs are more

-3G is problematic. If you are in a 3G network it stays on the 3G connection. The farther you are from that connection the slower the connection. Even if there is a faster 2G connection that is closer by it stays in the 3G connection.


Increase in Virus and Spam Notes

-Using any tool to spam

-Not so much looking to tear up your computer. They are looking for ways to send you advertisements to buy products

-They want to get your “shopping habits” so they can market to you.


New Technology


Dell Latitude On

-Building into regular notebook computers electronics per second notebooks. You can use the laptop without booting Windows. It boots a version of Linux with Linux based applications on it with a wireless network so you can check email, surf the web, get your contact information etc. It is “instant on” boots up instantaneously. It hardly uses any power at all. Your battery life goes from hours to days. You can’t install or modify anything. It is great for quick email checks.


Intel Remote Wake

A chip is embedded in the computer where if it gets the right packet of information over the internet it wakes up the computer and you can use it. You can use a regular voice over IP phone plugged into your computer and then you don’t have to leave your computer on 24/7 to receive a phone call.


Split Screen

Screen under keyboard (to view go to





Problem: Slow Computer especially when Opening Email (running 2 anti-virus programs – not a good idea). Uninstall them and reinstall AVG8 (paid version). Make sure Windows updates are on the machine.


Network Locked down. Needs more control over student computers. Log on as a Guest. They can’t install programs and change settings. You can set levels of rights with Windows.


Would like to print wirelessly from laptops. Get an HP Jet Direct external box with Ethernet connection. You take the Ethernet cable connect it into the box and to your wireless router. It converts it to parallel and you plug it into the printer. So now it is a network printer and you can access it from your laptop with an IP address.




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