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Special Guest: Jim Montgomery of Ask Computer Jim
Author: Tim Taylor

Ask Computer Jim:

Vista Notes

- Strong good system

- Got a bad reputation

- Voted best operating system by PC Magazine (Support)

- Biggest complaint is user interface (different from XP)

- Vista Business is excellent for Businesses. It will connect to Networks (it will join to a domain).

- Home Version can be upgraded

- Vista Ultimate can also join to a domain

- Net Use Command Prompt

- Back up feature very good and works flawlessly in Vista





  1. How can I completely wipe out my computer and start new: – Start / Programs / HP/Restore then connect to Windows AND upload all updates. (Control F11). WARNING: IT WILL ERASE EVERYTHING and take the computer back to factory settings.

OTHER RESTORE/ERRASE TIPS: Put XP in CD. It will turn on, and you’ll have to hit a key to Boot off CD. It will ask: Repair or Erase All?

Programs Available: Eraser (Good program to use to remove any information you may not want left on your hard drive).

  1. Virus Issue: Can’t connect to internet.
  2. Computer slow at start up (MS Config. – Disable Start Up Items)
  3. Partitioned hard drive and wants to redirect the default save from My Documents to D Drive (Start / My Documents / Right Click / Properties / Change the Drive)
  4. Computer Won’t Burn DVD’s
  5. MP3 Files online will not play on computer

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