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This Week: Listener Emails Answered on the Air!
Author: Tim Taylor

  • Last weeks caller issue with Updating Windows Media Player v. 10 to v. 11. Solution Found.
  • Can I disable all start up items and still have my computer run?

Don’t disable your virus protection

Tip: take the name of the program and do a Google Search or email Tim

Virtual Memory Low Error. Physical Memory is low slowing it down. Get more RAM. Check MS Config and disable some things. Get rid of Larger Virus protectors and get something lighter like AVG ( (clean up registry cleaner)

  • DSL service and EarthLink (Email account issues)
  • Wants emails to come up as “auto fill” on new computer. Solution: Right click on names in the email and go to “save as contact”.
  • Has Road Runner with Bright House, AOL, Small Home Business with phone lines, 5 Cell Phones – wants to combine all services into one and save money.
  • Wants to get a laptop to record games. Is an ACER a good laptop?



EMAIL: How can I get a print out of my favorites list? I don’t want to lose a 5 year collection. I have an 80GB Hard Drive that uses about 20GB. I bought 160 GB hard drive and I want to transfer the entire 20 GB of data and programs to the for permanent back up. I also want to start putting music and photos on that drive as a major source of use. Should I partition or leave it open?


Favorites are in a folder. Look in Documents and Settings. Under your user name - Look for Favorites. You can pull it up on the screen and print them or save the page somewhere else. Make sure that folder is being backed up. Use Carbonite (


No need to partition hard drive. External drives are so easy to purchase (inexpensive) and large enough to store everything.


Note: External Drives

Small and powered by USB

Look for feature: Shuts down when not being used




EMAIL: After using MS Config to alter the start up of a simple programs, such as AOL or Office, he gets a message that he did something wrong?


Most of the time it will stop warning you. You can select “Do not show me this message again”. Don’t disable anything that is important.




EMAIL: Want to expand memory in laptop. Can he tell without opening the computer what kind of memory he will need.


You can run a utility from:





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