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Special Guest: Dave Friend, President of Carbonite
Author: Tim Taylor

Carbonite Back up notes:

-         You can get infected so badly on your computer that you cannot restore your computer and lose everything.

-         Carbonite does not back up operating system. 

-         By default goes to My Documents Folder.

-         Right Click on folder and select the folder you want to back up (you will see green dot on folder that has been backed up).

-         Takes those folders selected on PC and encrypts it so that you have total privacy and backs it up to the Carbonite server.

-         Not a RISK: Encryption is strong.

-         The data is encrypted.

-         Microsoft Money uses Carbonite
Process if you were to lose your computer (fire, theft etc…)

o       You would purchase a new PC

o       Go to Carbonite Web Site

o       Reinstall with same email and password

o       Carbonite icon appear like C drive and you can select Restore

-         You have the option to keep your encryption key or let Carbonite hold on to it. If you choose to keep the key and lose it Carbonite cannot get it back for you. If Carbonite holds the key – you would just need your password to get your information back.

-         Backs up Document and Settings

-         43% of people very year lose data

-         13% lose everything

-         COST: $49 per year

To get Carbonite go to (enter code: radio)


  • Virus – Continually rebooting (blue screen with error) Needs to do a repair install.
  • Virus – Email Reply (virus attached to message)
  • Carbonite Question regarding encryption key
  • Trying to restore bookmarks
  • Upgraded Windows Media Player / When trying to get a Snippit of a song  V. 11 prompts to download file / downloads file that cannot be played.


Bob’s Site of the week:

Use iPhone or iPod Touch Pad as an external hard disk. Use to copy files.


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