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Special Guest: Rick Carlson, AVG President - US
Author: Tim Taylor

Interview with Rick Carlson:

-AVG currently has over 70 million users

-Version 8.0: Has both Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus combined in one software.

- It uses less resources (does not interfere with your machines performance).

Free Version vs. Paid Version

Free Version:
Protects against anti-spyware and anti-virus. You can use multiple products (other anti-spyware incombination with AVG). You can get good protection for free.

Paid Version:
There is a larger segment that uses their PC's for Office applications, Internet and mail and don’t want to have to worry about security. The paid version features the Internet Security Suite which allows you to install it and you don’t have to worry about the internet. It warns you if you are on a potentially harmful site. 

Internet Security Suite: Does not slow your system down because it does not have the “extra junk” that loads on your computer like other programs. It has:

  • Web Exploit Protection
  • Spyware
  • Spam
  • Virus
  • Firewall


Big Benefit – it works together very nicely since it’s a suite.


Paid Version Benefit: Spam Protection, Firewall and a few extras like HTTP scanning. More flexible scheduling and web exploit protection.


DRIVE BY WEB SITES: Hackers have gotten so smart that they are going to web sites that they know you are going to visit and just by going to the web site you can get infected with a virus.


Firewalls will block virus from getting on your computer, but not through your browser.

That is why you need Web Exploit Protection. It will also Patch all of your applications.


What will these viruses do to your computer? They will put a key logger which takes your personal information, Turn your computer into a SPAM box and a lot more.


The Free Version offers a level of protection and tries to remove the virus once it is on your machine, but the paid version gives the exploit protection that keeps it from getting on your machine in the first place.

FOR VIDEO: Click Here (see ways people are getting infected with viruses)




Voice Recognition Software:

Dragon Naturally Speaking


Monitor Problems: Monitor will Flash then go back to normal (CRT) – 7 years old. Should replace monitor. Tip: get one with built in speakers.


HP Media Center PC – Problem with Volume Control. Make sure it is turned up in the control panel. Get good external speakers with Built in Amplifiers.


Do I need to remove Norton Anti-Virus if I am going to install a new anti-virus software? Yes. Don’t run 2 Anti-Virus softwares at the same time. 2 Engines - Scanning your system at the same time will slow your system down. You can go to the Norton web site and find the product that will uninstall Norton. It does a quick remove. You can also go to Add/Remove programs in your control panel to remove it.


Tags on Web Site: Meta Tags help get your sites found on search engines.


Bob’s Site of the Week: (Get lost manuals for almost any product).









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