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Special Guest: Jarrod Sturdivant - Talking about Syncing Mobile Phones with Email
Author: Tim Taylor


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Special Guest: Jarrod Sturdivant - Talking about Mobile Phones.


Question: What is the best cell phone to get if I want to sync email to a phone?


(Syncing: If you make a change in Outlook, for example, delete an email or change information in your tasks, the change will take place on both your computer and phone.)


Just for email almost any phone will work, but if want to sync up your calendar, contacts, tasks – everything on your exchange server, the best phone would be a Windows Mobile Phone. That means that the operating system that is on the phone is a Microsoft based product called Windows Mobile Phone.


Question: How do I know if my phone has Windows Mobile?


It may have a Windows Icon or you can ask your provider.


Blackberry does not work on the same operating system. There is a way to sync it but you need a 3rd party to make it work. Or you have to buy additional software.


Software Options:


Windows Mobile




**You can change the operating systems on your phone and stay with your current carrier.


Windows mobile by T-Mobile Contact Tip:

-          Store contacts on Sim card so that it won’t be in your Outlook Contacts.




Blackberry Curve:
Syncing Outlook.  It is putting back numbers that were deleted from Outlook.

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