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Large Printer Security Risk
Author: Tim Taylor


Did you know that large photo copiers have hard drives that store the information that is being copied? The copier first scans, stores then prints the information. So how is this a security risk? If you make a copy of your tax returns it is being stored on the copier’s hard drive. Every copy you make at your local copy shop is being stored into the machines hard drive. It is not easy accessible, and eventually it is overwritten by other information.

However, when it does become a big problem is with copiers that are sold from one company to another or when a lease has expired and a new machine purchased. If your organization's copier is being resold make sure you contact the manufacturer and find out how to erase the hard drive. If your copier is a lease, make sure the company that you are leasing from deletes the hard drive before the machine is resold.

TIP: Delete the hard drive off of large copiers before reselling or releasing.

Internet Safety for Children
Author: Tim Taylor


If you put a computer with internet access in your child's bedroom you should be prepared to monitor the usage of their computer.

The first thing you should do is talk to your child about the dangers associated with internet usage.
Secondly, you should set guidelines to what is appropriate and what is not. If they have a My Space account you should follow these simple rules to keep them safe from internet predators.
1. Make the site private.
2. Do not place address, phone number, place of employment, social security number or any other personal information on the site.
3. Parents should check the site often.
4. Only known friends should have access to the site.

Other ways you can monitor activity is to check your child’s emails to see who they are sending and receiving emails from. You can view their history to see what sites they have visited. Have a policy that they cannot delete the history.

Another security measure is to put the computer in a public place in the house. If you have more than one child, you will have to create a schedule for usage times, but it will make it easier to monitor what sites they are visiting and who they are chatting with.

There are programs that track where your kids have been on their computer. It takes that information and emails it to you. If you suspect there is a problem you can use this as a tool. Be aware. Talk to them about the dangers associated with internet usage. Set rules, guidelines and monitor the activity.

There is a web filter called Cyber Sitter ( It costs $39.00. It is a one time fee and it will block bad sites. This is a great tool. Go to their web site and download it.

Another software is eBlaster Spy Software ( It tracks every key stroke. This is a more extreme measure of tracking where your kids go on the internet. You should be able to talk to your child and trust they are not using the computer inappropriately or that someone is not prowling on them, but if you feel there is a problem and you need a product that tracks usage more closely then eBlaster is what you would want to use.

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