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Interview: Rocket Life
Author: Tim Taylor

Interview: Rocket Life

A product that lets you tell stories with your photos.


It’s a web based application.

You simply load your photos from your computer into the software and make anything from a Photo Book, Mug, Calendar, Puzzles, Poster etc… in just seconds with professional looking results.


-Work happens on your local computer so you don’t have to wait for images to upload.

-Ability to be more creative

Download from:



Links from Show: ($14.90) If found … Pin code fixed to your device (windows updates) (Solution from Spyware and Security related issues. Download the live operating system from onto your Flash Drive.) Use when you need to do anything secure online (banking, password related), or if you don’t want to be tracked with cookies for marketing purposes. You will need to boot off your memory stick. *TaylorWorks has not tested this software – stay tuned for more information.






Spamming Problems (Turn on Junk Mail Folder in Outlook)

Spyware Problem

Connecting TiVO to Computer


Recording Live Streaming (caller using Slingbox) (



To record the Slingbox signal use:

At-Large Recorder 2.4

It's made by Applian Technologies.


To capture youtube videos use:

Replay Media Catcher 2.20

Also made by Applian.


The software above are simple to use if you read the user guide and FAQ’s.


The best audio recorder is Replay AV 8.42 also from Applian. It’s simple and it works. It also has a plugin within the program.



Unlimited telephone calls for $10 a month

Make calls through WIFI Router at home.

- You will need WIFI
- It's f
rom T-Mobile

- Called: Hot Spot at Home

- 6 Phones (One is a free phone)


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