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Interview with Randy Scogland, Executive Director of Americans for Technology Leadership
Author: Tim Taylor

Are internet service providers spying?

ISP (Internet Service Providers)

Ex.: AT&T, Bright House Networks


It is getting more popular today with companies that are Internet Service Providers to track where people are going and what they are doing online. There are cookies that get written to your hard drive internet files when you browse the internet. When you log on to a different site advertisements will come up based on your profile where they think you have gone. For example, if you are the kind of person that looks at Ford cars an ad for Ford will pop up.


You can set your browser preferences to “not save cookies” or “delete cookies”.


Interview with Randy Scogland, Executive Director of Americans for Technology Leadership

Americans for Technology Leadership is a broad-based coalition of technology professionals, consumers and organizations dedicated to limiting government regulation of technology and fostering competitive market solutions to public policy issues affecting the technology industry. We believe that this approach will ensure that all Americans are able to take advantage of the benefits of the technologies that are shaping the new economy.

ATL will provide you resources to protect yourself online.  In today's world unplugging from the internet just isn't an option. 

ATL can provide you with resources to: protect your privacy online; guard against identity theft; conduct secure transactions; protect your hardware from malware, spyware and viruses; and to help protect you from cyber criminals and phishing schemes.

ISP are starting pilot programs where they track where people are going for Marketing purposes. This is not new. Nothing you do on the internet is private. If you do a search on Google that search is kept for 18 months. If you have gmail your  email is scanned. If you download Google desktop search and don’t change the settings all of the files on your computer are scanned for information and profiling. And if you use the Google toolbar every click you make on the internet is being tracked.

Why should someone be concerned?

It’s really a personal choice. These companies are providing free services and in exchange they are tracking information for marketing purposes.

If you are comfortable with that – that’s fine. But today you see privacy policies and hit accept without reading them. There are a lot of people who don’t understand what part of their privacy they are giving away especially kids and young people online. It can’t be undone once this information is given away.

For more information log on to:

ActiveX Control

Tip: If you get a message “your machine is infected with a virus you need to download this ActiveX control”. DO NOT download it!

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