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Special Guest: Mike Elgan of
Author: Tim Taylor

Special Guest: Mike Elgan of

Thumb Drive Notes: Fast thumb drives can work as additional memory on your PC. Hard Drive Caching. There are some issues with Vista and sleep mode that service pack one should fix. Be careful when they are plug into your keyboard and you move it around – you can break it or the USB drive. Keep on your keychain. They are easy to leave behind.

New Phone that hooks into computer:

Uses a USB connector and you plug your telephone into your computer - $19.95 a year (1st month free). Unit is $30.00. Unlimited calls in US and Canada.

Kind of like Skype, but with a regular phone.

The Raw Feed Topics

2 Chinese men trying to take 10 Thermal Imaging Cameras out of the country.

Microsoft Surface Notes:

  • AT & T is using it.
  • You can lay your digital camera on the table and you can share images.
  • Delayed release of product.
  • Within 7 years all computers will work like a MicroSoft Surface computer.
  • Major Elements: Multi-touch, Physics (like the iPhone), and Gestures.
  • The iPhone is the next generation computer.
  • This combination of features enables complete elimination of keyboards and mice.

MicroSoft Stopping XP sales this summer.

  • Losing Market share because of Vista.
  • Driving more people to Mac.
  • June 30th XP will be unavailable.
  • Limited machines sold with XP

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