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Special Guest: David Friend of Carbonite
Author: Tim Taylor


Why you should use Carbonite to back up your files and pictures:

  1. Storm damage to your home
  2. Fire to your home
  3. Theft
  4. Computer Virus
  5. Computer Damage
  6. Damaged CD’s / DVD’s



·        1 license per computer

·        For an External drive would need a second license

·        Carbonite is HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Compliant. You will be asked when installing if you want Carbonite to store your “key”. You can store your “key” rather than having Carbonite store it. However, if you lose the key – it cannot be recovered so keep that “key” (series of numbers and letters) in a safe place.

·        Encrypts files going out and when it is copied back it is unencrypted by the same software

·        Security: RAID 6 arrays we would have to lose 3 out of 16 drives in a array before we would lose any data. 36 million times more reliable than a hard drive.

·        Unless you need to keep the key for Government compliance reasons you can hold the password and let Carbonite keep the key.

·        Built in back up in Microsoft Money

·        Trusted by Microsoft

·        Try for Free for a month

·        Runs on Windows



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