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Apple iPhone Changes, Malware Tips, Startup Items on Your Computer
Author: Tim Taylor


Apple Changes: iPhone:


Problem: Until now if you wanted to connect to a corporate email system like an Exchange Server you could not.


Apple is now releasing SDK (Software Developer Kit), there are 3rd party companies that can write applications for the iPhone.

Your application has to be approved by Apple.


You can link up your contacts, emails, calendar from your Exchange Server.


Malware Tip:

If you do a search in Google for a particular malware or virus and links will come up saying guaranteed to “take this virus off” those are nothing but Malware programs themselves. You can download one of those and end up with 40 programs on your computer. They are marketing tools.



Caller Notes:


Start Up Items:


Problem: AntiVirus is scanning computer at start up.


Solution: There is a scheduler built into the antivirus. It is set to run at a certain time of the week. If the computer is off for a few days the next time you turn it on it is going to run at start up.


Caller was using MacAfee. 1. Look into the scheduler on MacAfee.

2. Click on Start / Run /  then type in msconfig. Look through until you get to the start up items. This is a list of everything that runs when your computer is booted up. One of the items in there will be something about MacAfee. You can modify that line or take it out.

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