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Interview with David Friend, President and CEO of Carbonite
Author: Tim Taylor

What is Carbonite?

Software that you install on your computer and any time you create new files on your PC it backs it up over the internet to secure servers. If your house burns down, if you are burglarized, storm damage etc…your files are safely backed up.

Topics Discussed:

- Free Trial
- Download Software from
- Runs on Vista and XP
- Default: Backs Up Everything
- Cost: $50 a year
- History of Carbonite

- Advantages: Get data out of your house (If you back up your data to an external hard drive you could loose your data if it fails, if your house burns down, or if you are burglarized).

- Retrieving Data onto new computer
- Will back up multiple user directories
- HIPAA compliant
- Future Plans: MacIntosh and Business Version
- Ease of Use: Wizard that takes you step by step
- Backs up in the background (does not disturb your work)
- Initial Back up will take take depending on your file sizes
- Doesn’t affect computer speed on a daily basis
- Once installed – forget about it!
- Encrypted before it leaves your machine so it is VERY SECURE!

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