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Backing up Emails and Files / Tape Drives vs. External Hard Drives
Author: Tim Taylor

Email / File Back Ups / Tape Drives vs. Hard Drives

A Cable company deleted 14,000 customer’s emails. Officials believe that a software error during general maintenance caused the company to delete the emails. They said they were deleting old accounts and they accidentally grabbed a whole bunch that where still alive. There was no way to retrieve the messages, photos or other attachments or archived folders deleted on Monday across the country. They are truly sorry and customers will receive a $50 credit on their account.

If you use an online email system like Yahoo, Google the problem is that that is the only place that email is stored. That company is supposed to be backing up the email, that is always online and available to you. Don’t keep valuable information in your emails, photos and documents that you don’t have anywhere else.

You can configure Outlook or Outlook Express to pull down the emails so that you have a back up – a copy of it on your machine or forward important messages to another account so that you have it in multiple places. You can use carbonite ( to back up your emails.

Technology is changing rapidly. Tape technology is still around and it is used quite a bit and in a lot of places. The problem is they are finicky - sometimes they quit working. Sometimes tape drives fail, they won’t back up certain documents, some times you have to restart the server to get it back up and running. There are a lot of issues with tape drives.

Hard drives are becoming so inexpensive that people are buying external hard drives and backing up their servers and other data on them. That is a good way to create a back up but the problem associated with this is that the hard drive could fail. With a tape it is very hard to remove it once it’s on there. It’s in a plastic case so if it gets wet or if there is a flood it’s protected, it’s inexpensive, it is easy to take off-site. Storage is becoming very inexpensive. Stay tuned for a guest from Carbonite. Specials may be coming soon.

Security: Threat Fire
Author: Tim Taylor

Security: Threat Fire

Threat Fire comes from the people that bring you PC Tools. Your antivirus is software that runs on your computer that check all incoming files, anything that coming into the computer, anytime you open a file it checks it to see if it’s OK or contains any viruses but it can slow your computer down. That is the downside of it. Threat Fire guards your system registry. The registry is like a big directory of all of the programs that are on your computer.

The way a virus typically works is that it infects something on the registry to make another program start running. Most viruses today are not interested in tearing up your computer they want your information to steal your identity or they want your information in order to send out spam as you so that the messages are traced back to you. In order to do that, they have to install some kind of software on your computer. Threat Fire guards your registry constantly which does not slow the computer down. If anything tries to install it warns you. In Vista you are warned, but not in XP or Windows 2000. Once you install it it also warns you if it sees anything that shouldn’t be there. They will make your site 200% more secure.

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