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How to Recycle Your Old Computer
Author: Tim Taylor

Did you get a new computer for Christmas? What are you planning on doing with your old computer? Don’t throw it away – we have some ideas.

Landfills are getting full so here are some other ideas. If the machine still runs here’s what you can do with it:

  1. Continue to use it. Hand it down to the kids. Reformat the hard drive (clean it out) and load some fun games on it or use it for school use.
  2. Turn it into a server. You can install Microsoft Home Server. Hard drives are inexpensive so you can use it as a back up. You can store documents, pictures, files and other documents from all of the computers in your home.
  3. You can record TV shows (turn it into a DVR). It can store your favorite shows.
  4. Donate to Missionary Computer Fellowship.
  5. Make a Music Box out of it. Store your music, use a music player of your choice, add speakers and it makes a great music box.
  6. With some companies you can trade them in when you purchase a new one (Costco, IP, Toshiba, Dell). Some will give you a gift card. Apple has a recycling program for iPods and cell phones.

It’s a good idea to reformat the hard drive (clean it out) before you designate its new use.

Also Donate cell phones at local AT & T stores for soldiers. Cell Phones for Soldiers. It does not have to be an AT&T Phone. They are giving away pre-paid cards. Don’t forget to remove your SIMM Card. Once you remove it you can put it into your new phone. Your Simm Card contains your phone number and stored numbers.

Microsoft Windows Home Server
Author: Tim Taylor

As people put more and more computers in their home it is nice to have a central computer to store everything.

Windows Home Server is designed to work like a business server but at home. It can be accessed from any computer in the house. In the event that one of the computers in your home is damaged, stolen or just overloaded with pictures and files you can store them on a server (which is a computer with a large hard drive and a software like Microsoft Windows Home Server installed).

Note: Just recently (Dec. 26), Microsoft has warned Windows Home Server users not to edit files stores on their back up systems with several programs including Vista Photo, Gallery, Office One Note and Outlook and Quicken. They will have a Patch to fix soon.

It is recommended that you use the server as a back up – and do your editing on your main computer then back it up to the server.

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