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Special Guest: David Friend, President of Carbonite
Author: Tim Taylor

Special Guest: David Friend
President of

Carbonite is software that you can install on your home/office PC for $50.00 a year (not a month) a year that will back up everything that is on your computer offline. It will keep your computer completely backed up. If your house burns down you will not lose the data that was stored on your computer. How great is that?

Interview with David Friend:

What makes Carbonite different than just backing up your computer to an external hard drive?

External hard drives are still sitting there right next to your PC. In the event of theft – your computer and external hard drive are both just as vulnerable.

Also in the event of fires and floods your equipment can be destroyed.

Why purchase Carbonite?

It is inexpensive and extremely secure. The data is stored on a redundant disk array. The same kind of equipment banks use to store your financial records. They are 6 million times more reliable than your hard drive on your computer. If you are worried about losing your documents and pictures $50 a year takes care of everything on your PC. It’s unlimited space. You put in an email and password and carbonite does everything else.

Let’s say I have 40 GB of movies, images and documents. Can I back up that much information?


How long does it take?

It depends on the speed of your internet connection. You’ll get about 3 – 4 GB a day. From that point on it will only back up the documents or photos that you change so it won’t take that long.

There is a trial version that you can try for 30 days.

It’s like buying an insurance policy for your documents and photographs.

You don’t want to forget your user name and password. There are security questions in the event you do forget.

If you decide not to sign up after 30 days what happens to the information?

We give you 30 more days just in case you change your mind. If you don’t change your mind it is erased. The information is encrypted so it can’t be read by carbonite. There is a unique encryption for each machine.

What if I have a small business? Can I back up my Quickbooks files?


Do you back up large companies with 100’s of GB of information?

Yes. It does take a while at first – again depending on the connection, but we do back up small and large company files as well as home computer systems.

The next release:

The next release you will be able to set up the back up for when you want it to occur. Let’s say you just wanted to back up your files on the weekend. That would be possible.

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