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Interview with Mike Elgan
Author: Tim Taylor

Mike’s Theory about video games

Recently there have been numerous articles about kids and video games. The research information comes from researchers, police authorities, educators etc…Basically they are trying to find if there is a link between video games and violence/aggressive behavior, health issues and bad sleep habits. This week there have been numerous stories. Mike feels that there are two factors to look at. One if you look at just the Science it is fairly mixed. Some say that they do and some say they don’t. Most of the press articles say that in fact they do make kids more violent, less educated and more unhealthful. But these are from people that are just speculating, says Mike Elgan. One youth services pastor in New Zealand, who was quoted in some of these articles, said the quality of the video games are making the kids more desensitized because it is so realistic. Therefore his statement didn’t come from research, but from watching kids play the games.

Mike’s personal opinion regarding the Violence of Video Games

The most conspicuous fact is that there are different kinds of violence. There are games like Halo 3 where it is very SciFI where you shoot people with ray guns and they fall down and you are reborn. Then there is violence with blood splattering which is different. There is honorable violence like Call of Duty 3 where you play an allied soldier in WWII or Call of Duty 4 where you can be a soldier fighting the enemy or you can be the enemy fighting the soldier. You are essentially a soldier and it’s fairly realistic. Compared with Grand Theft Auto where you are sociopath going around beating people up and stealing. The content matters – it’s not just video games. It’s like books or movies you can’t just say books are bad because they have inappropriate content. Some books may have inappropriate content for young kids but you can’t say books are bad because of that fact. Mike find Grand Theft Auto distasteful.

Google is rolling out a free phone location and no GPS needed.

“Single most useful application for cell phone” Mike Elgan - Google maps. You can use it to find businesses, turn by turn directions a fast search tool. It’s a free application that you install into your phone. It accesses date from the web. It’s just like Google Maps on the web but when you press 0 it take a guess of where you are located. It gets it within 200 yards – pretty close. The way it does this is it identifies which cell phone tower(s) you are using and triangulates it then estimates where you are. The more you use it the more accurate it gets. Use standard phone. It’s Google Maps for your phone.

For more information go to:

Future GPS uses: In digital cameras where it will log the location of where you took the image.

Mike Elgan on the New iPhone:

Buy now or wait?

Mike says Wait!

If someone was enthusiastic about the iphone they would have bought one for themselves already so you are taking a risk by giving it as a gift. The biggest competition is the next iPhone the one that AT&T’s CEO spoke about recently for 2008.

The new iPhone will be out in June. So purchasing one now will give you a 6 month cell phone with a 2 year contract. The new one will probably be super compelling in addition to the 3G fast wireless access that AT&T leaked it’s probably going to have a faster user interface, newer applications, higher capacity (16 GB or more) and maybe even GPS capabilities. You can be sure that it is going to be superior to the current iPhone.

iPod Touch. This is a great gift idea. Fantastic fun music player and video player. The update won’t be as dramatic.

Amazon Kindle for books. You get the device, it has a 4-5 inch screen, you download the your book from Amazon and you read it whenever you want. The connection is free for life, they back up all your books, instant gratification. Great for radio fans you download MP3’s / Podcast and listen to them on it. It has speakers and headphone jack.

The Amazon Kindle: Click here for more information

1,000’s of free books.

Approximate cost: $400

Mike Elgan

The Raw Feed:

Cyber Crime / Identity Theft
Author: Tim Taylor

Cyber Crime

Police have questioned a suspected King Pen – in a International Cyper Crime Network.

This guy has been accused of infiltrating 1.3 million computers turning them into bots and taking millions of dollars from people’s bank accounts. He is 18 years old.

Identity theft

Life Lock. You sign up and they guarantee nobody will take your identity. It’s $10 a month.

Securing your Wireless Network
Author: Tim Taylor

What you need to know about your wireless home network:

You have to put a security code on it. There are 2 different kinds (WEP and WPA).

The older routers use WEP. You should use WEP anymore. It is to easy to be hacked. WPA is a built in encryption.

Here’s how you put the security code in:

  1. You go into your router.
  2. Wireless security settings
  3. Turn on WPA Encryption
  4. It will asked you for a password
  5. If anyone wants to use your wireless network they have to enter the password

Default IP Address:

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