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iPhone Review
Author: Tim Taylor

iPhone Review Notes:

- A month ago Apple released the iTunes for iPhone where you can use it over WIFI to buy music.

- Fast over WIFI

- Wouldn’t recommend using the AT&T network to download music – too slow.

- iPod Touch – Apples new phone (iPod, WIFI, Use like PDA)

- Should Apple unlock for other carriers? (5 year contract with AT & T)

- You can reset the phone to factory settings so that you can erase everything from the phone before recycling. It can be password protected so that you don’t erase everything from the phone accidentally.

Backing Up Images/Data
Author: Tim Taylor

- Carbonite: (off site back up). Backs up anything for approximately $50 a month.

- External Hard Drive

- Buffalo TeraStation: The Buffalo TeraStation is currently the unparalleled giant of low-cost NAS. Offering up to a terabyte of storage, this device should meet or exceed the storage needs of nearly any small-business or home user.

- Secondary Hard Drive on Main Computer

- Picasa by Google (for pictures and media):

Holiday Shopping Tips
Author: Tim Taylor

- For Shopping comparisons:, or

- When purchasing electronics: WARNING: Look out for refurbished items! (get warrantees)

- For Product Reviews:

- Computer Shopping: Most important thing to remember is BRAND! Get a good system.

- If you purchase a new computer and it comes with a lot of unwanted files and programs run PC Decrapifier software:

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