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Microsoft Exchange 2007
Author: Tim Taylor

Exchange 2007 is a Microsoft database that holds your email. Many of you use it at work. The new version is 2007 and we want to talk about its features and what it can do for you.

Interview with Jarrod Sturdivant

What is Exchange 2007?

It is a program made by Microsoft and it allows you to host your own emails instead of having to go through another provider to host your emails you can host your emails on-site. You have total control of your emails along with other features.


  1. Bandwidth. Without an Exchange server hosting your emails they have to go through your internet service provided (ISP). Your inter-company emails won’t take up your internet bandwidth. It will be over your local server. The email has to go out and back over the internet. If it is a large file it goes out through the internet one time and if you are sending it to 10 people back in 10 times. If it is a large file that is a lot of bandwidth that is being used. If you are emailing someone at the next desk it will only go over the local LAN and be much faster.
  2. Outlook Web Access. Instead of having Microsoft Outlook to be able to go on to the Exchange server to get your emails you can actually access your mailbox from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection and a compatible web browser. You can log on to your exchange server via a web browser and get your mail. Great for Business travelers. You can do that today with Exchange 2003 so what is the difference? Exchange 2003 is limited in the web browser. Exchange 2007 it is more customizable.
  3. Mail comes in Instantly. In Exchange 2003 you have to click on “mail” for any new mail that may have come in while you were ready current mail. In Exchange 2007 the mail pops up automatically just like when you are using Outlook.
  4. PDA. Fully intergradable with any PDA. You can check your email right from your compatible phone.
  5. Voice Mail and Faxes. Check voice mail and faxes in the Exchange box.


  1. Not supported by Microsoft on a 32 bit processor or a 32 bit operating system (needs to be 64). You would have to upgrade to 64).

Apple Computers
Author: Tim Taylor

Apple Computer – 8 Reasons why I believe Apple Computer is the #1 Electronics Company in the World.

From Computer World Article

  1. There engineers support their design. They design what it is going to look like and how it is going to work.
  2. Fewer is better. One iPhone (2 actually - lower ram and higher ram) but 1 product.

more to come.

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