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Thumb Drives with Jerry Hertzler
Author: Tim Taylor

Jerry Hertzler is a missionary with Campus Cruisade for Christ. He travels all over the world and has found a thumb drive to be a very handy mini portable drive to store what he needs in his travels.

Find out more at:

What is a Thumb Drive?

Thumb drives are also known as USB drives, Jump Drives and go by a few other names. It’s basically a 2-3 inch portable drive that becomes an external drive when plug into your computer. Original uses have been for media storage or transfer, but now they are being used as external drives with programs.

They can be found with up to 8 gigs of space!

Programs have been developed that can be copied rather than installed.

Typical Windows programs have to be installed. It writes files in Windows so if the program is just copied it won’t work. Developers have created programs that run right from these Thumb Drives and don’t have to be installed in a Windows environment.

They can be combined with free software and you can secure them/encrypt them and it creates a situation where you can carry your files, documents and keep them secure. Without a password they can’t be accessed. So if it’s stolen or lost it can not be accessed.

Who would use this device?

A student for example may not have a laptop or computer of their own. They may use several computers like their parents, friends, or at school. With a thumb drive they can securely carry around their use email program, music files, pictures, documents etc…

Caller: Can I use Auto Cad from an external drive?

Go to

Take any application and write it into the Mojo environment onto an external hard drive you can take it with you and plug it into any machine and run AutoCad from that external hard drive. It does not install the program to the machine.

If your work environment does not give you administrative access it won’t work. Check with your company first.

Go to more portable drive ideas.

More sites with portable applications:

To purchase thumb drives (up to 8GB) go to:

GPS/TomTom Reviews
Author: Tim Taylor

Features of the TomTom One and TomTom 720

Tom Tom One

Touch Screen
Small Unit
No spinning parts
Take it off and hold it
USB connect to your computer
Back up Route or Maps on your computer
Great for salesman who has a route (put in all of the addresses and it pin point from place to place)
Avoid tolls
Avoid highways
Turn off it’s path – it redraws it the way I wanted to go.
Fits in your pocket – taking hiking
Tells you the shortest route

Tom Tom 720 – GPS

Everything that the Tom Tom One has Plus plus:
Larger Screen
6 different languages
Different voices

For more information go to:

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