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Mobile Voice Control – Dave Mallen
Author: Tim Taylor

Dave Mallen - Guest
Mobile Voice Control

Takes voice commands
Works on any PDA
Great tool when you are driving.

It will go to web sites, find web sites, get movie times, get stock quotes all with voice commands.

Simple to Use: Just Install, Speak and Send

For example: Say “Email Tim” “Meet me for lunch” and it will email Tim and in the message box put “Meet me for lunch”.

You don’t have to train it to your voice.

The words show up accurately on your screen.

Get stocks while you drive, movie times and locate web sites.

There is a Free Trial on their site.

Do’s and Don’t in Web Design – Yvonne Collins
Author: Tim Taylor

 Yvonne Collins – Do’s and Don’t for Web sites
  1. Keeps things simple – no backgrounds and music
  2. Don’t overdo it with bold, italic and underlines
  3. Keep content short
  4. Remove blue borders for links
  5. No Flash intro (skip intro most hit link)
  6. Do not put “under construction” pages
  7. No pop ups
  8. Use standard styles for navigation (left and top)
  9. Use a site map

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