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Daylight Savings
Author: Tim Taylor

Most computers are set up to automatically update each year to daylight savings and then back an hour again in the fall. Because daylight savings is now 3 weeks earlier you will need to take steps to ensure that your computers are correctly set. In the US it now begins on March 11, 2007 and it will end on November 4, 2007, which is one week later than usual.
So be prepared to change digital devices that are not set up to update automatically and are not set up to update automatically with the new "earlier" change.

How to update your computer:

Microsoft released an update to Windows in November that prompts Windows to make the move. The company also has other patches available on its Web site. The patch was delivered in February to Windows XP Service Pack 2 users who have automatic updates turned on, but others may need to download the patch or manually adjust their PC's clock. Apple issued an update for Mac OS X Tiger in February 2006 and offered an updated patch last month for users of Tiger as well as Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.

Your computer may need to be updated to reflect this change to avoid being incorrect during this 4 week period.  If you use Windows Vista or have Automatic Updates turned on, you may not be affected by the change in daylight saving time. If you want to confirm, follow the steps in the Daylight Saving Time Update Guide provided by Microsoft -
Daylight Saving Time Update Guide - click here.

How will this affect my calendar items?
Only calendar items during the extra daylight saving time (the additional three weeks of March and the last week of October) will be affected.

What about my cell phone?
Most standard cell phones set their clock based on the network time, so they should adjust automatically.

Are there other places around the world that are also making the early switch?
Yes. Canada is also changing its daylight saving time, at least for the regions that observe daylight saving time, as are Western Australia, central Brazil and Tehran, Iran.

Don’t forget to Update:

Coffee Pot
Wrist Watches
Alarm Clocks
Oven Clock

Corporate Image
Author: Tim Taylor


Do you have a corporate image?
What your customer thinks of you is everything! Beginning with the name and logo to how you market every piece of your company to represent yourself and your product.

Your image must be consistent – especially in visual approach. All of the printed items should have a cohesive style so that when it is seen customers will recognize it.

So how do you start?


Your corporate identity is the name of your company and your logo. You may want to choose a name that is descriptive of the service or product that you provide. You can also come up with a slogan or tag line. Use your logo and tag line everywhere. Not just on a business card. It should be placed on invoices, emails, envelopes, memos etc…

Once you’re satisfied with your corporate identity find a domain name and establish a web presence. It is very important to have a web site. Even if it’s a small one it provides you with a professional email address (unlike the placement of an AOL or YAHOO account on your business card), shows customers that you are established, gives you the ability to tell potential customers more about the services that you offer, provides visual examples of products and much more.

Once a web site is established it can be listed in search engines. This will make sure that your site is not lost within the millions and can be retrieved by a customer who is searching for your services or products.

Other items that can be created to build your image is a marketing brochure or direct mailer. Something other than a business card that you can present to your client when you meet with them or one that can be mailed.

Now you have a logo, slogan, business card, web site, emails and a brochure. You are on your way!

The best part is TaylorWorks can assist you in EVERY STEP! Our designers can develop sample logos for you to choose from, assist you with a slogan, purchase your domain, create a web site, submit the web site to search engines and develop any marketing materials you may need to create a successful package that represent who you are and what you provide. 

Our Services Include:

Logo Design
Domain Registration
Web Site Design / Maintenance
Web Site Hosting
Letterheads, Envelopes, Business Cards
Marketing Brochures
Listed in Search Engines
Trade Show Displays
Giveaway Campaign (pens, key chains, mouse pads, shirts, travel mugs, calendars)

Now that you have successfully developed a corporate image you will need computers to store client information and share documents amoung employees. TaylorWorks can design a network that can consist of two or three computers to over 100. They can design a network that best fits your needs, intall it and maintain it. They can set up printers, faxes, all in one machines and don't forget about security, virus protection, back ups and wireless features.

Everything IT Means...

One number will provide you with all of the services you need to be successful!

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