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Guest: Mike Elgan from Mike's List and The Raw Feed
Author: Tim Taylor

Special Guest: Mike Elgan
The Raw Feed

Topics on The Raw Feed:

Bill Gates is aggressively helping 3rd world countries.

Analysis on why Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has been so effective in eliminating disease.

The best analysis was from Wired Magazine. Columnist Clyde Thompson pointed out that a lot of philanthropists are persuaded by individual people or cases that tug at their heart string. His analysis was that people like Bill Gate, engineers, “numbers people” are able to be more systematic. How can we find the greatest number of people in need who can benefit from existing medicine and existing technology so we can maximize the number of lives saved. They can conceive of these enormous numbers of people and go about it passionately. Basically, his theory is that Bill Gates is going to be able to do the most in philanthropy. They save more lives.

He runs the foundation like Microsoft. Run like a hard core business. They have to match performance. He is applying those principles to saving lives.

Some groups that request funding from him at times do not get funds because they are not organized.

Computers help USA hit Number One in World Productivity.

Americas are the most productive.

This is measured by wealth created by the average person. Each American produces on average $63,885 of wealth per year. Europeans would think this because Americas don’t take long vacations, they work longer hours, they fire people, more productive because they are scared – abused.

This doesn’t pan out on this study. America’s are the second most productive on an hourly basis. The only other country that beats Americans hourly is Norway. France gets 8 paid vacations a year, legally require long maternity leaves and it’s harder to fire people. That causes other problems like driving up unemployment.

Vas majority of Americas love their job.

In a recent survey, 86% of Americans enjoy their jobs.

How does Mike stay productive?

Is it technology related?

-Works from home office.

-Eliminates the preparation to leave in the morning.

-Doesn’t have the morning and evening commute (Getting gas, traffic delays etc…).

Mike recommends book: Getting Things Done.

Mike wrote, "Getting Things Done in Sixty Seconds".

As you are surfing the internet for interesting articles and fun things also check out the productivity blogs. There are a lot of good ideas of new software and services that can make dramatic changes in your productivity. Us an RSS fees for a major productively blog.

As Americas we can get distracted by technology. Too much visual interface. How can we be more productive and get more things done? New research Multi-tasking is a myth. Being distracted is not a good way to go through life. Mike wrote a column this week “6

Rules for a Teflon Mind”.

  1. Don’t except any requests that don’t come in the form of an email. Always request “send me an email”. It documents what they need. An email is quicker.
  2. Don’t answer your phone. Thanks to voice mail. Recommends call way – turns phone messages into emails.
  3. Only check your email 2 times a day. First thing in the morning and mid-afternoon.
  4. Empty your inbox everyday (using folders)
  5. Block IM Buddies
  6. Tell people on your voice mail to send you an email.

Technology Creating a Generation of Shyness?

Teenagers talk to each other over texting, email rather than in person. Kids are more withdrawn on iPods, My Space, Computer games, Instant Messaging etc…

Loosing the skills of communicating with people. Teenagers are generally shy and socially awkward. Once they go into the work place they are going to lack the human interactive skills that they are going to need. They won’t have the people skills that they are going to need. They need to have customer service skills. It is learnable and needs to be practiced.

Apple is the New Microsoft

They have always been on the edge. “We are the people that care about you – We have the products that you really want”. Microsoft has always been seen as the Monopoly.

Apple is getting more successful. They are making decisions that successful companies make to enhance their power.

3 qualities everyone used to associate with Microsoft (10 years ago)

1. Abusive Monopoly

2. Copy Cat – Running away with the majority market share using features that someone came to the market with first.

3. Being a bully. Pushing around partners.

Compare Apple now to Microsoft 10 years ago - Apple is very similar.

Apple has a market share in music players. Similar to Microsoft consumer PC’s 10 years ago. Everybody bashed Microsoft for bundling Internet Explorer with Windows. iPod comes “bundled” with iTunes and with the software that powers the product.

Apple can argue that these are integrated single functionality. Yes – that’s exactly what Microsoft argued.

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