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Skype - International Phone Service
Author: Tim Taylor

Skype –
Skype is an Internet Based Phone Service

It is Owned by eBay.
You run it off of your computer.
You will need to purchase an inexpensive headset – it requires a microphone and headset.

Plug the headset into the sound and microphone jack of your computer.
You can make long distance phone calls and it’s very inexpensive
If the person on the other line has Skype the call is FREE!


Interview with Kevin Elliot

What you need:
All you need is an internet connection, at least DSL Speed.

You install the software (large program), very user friendly, it guides you through the process.

There are several plans you can select from.

You can choose Basic Skype where when you can connect to the internet and talk to anyone who has Skype for free.

How to use:
You have a "Skype name". You type the name of the person (Skype user) and the software will find that person.

To make a call to a Non-Skype user, you type the phone number in and it connects you.

Cost: 2 cents a minute

Clear call!
No monthly fee
No taxes
No monthly minimum
Shows a list of countries
Works with Outlook
Very user friendly
Shows meter at all times
You can get your own Skype Number

Web Design - Interview with Yvonne Collins
Author: Tim Taylor

Web Design – Interview with Yvonne Collins

The first step to web design is establishing a domain name. We can research to see what names are available or you can search for a name at

From start to finish we design professional web site that fit your needs and budget.

We begin with a Logo Design if you don’t already have one.

Then we design mock ups. You can give us total creative freedom, or stay within your established corporate image.

A mock up will show the menu (navigation bar), color scheme, graphics, home page content and basic look of the new site.

If you need assistance with content we can research and find content related to your products and services.

There are many different kinds of sites: Information only, e-commerce, events, elections, non-profit, registrations, music/media, educational, government and many more.

Costs for sites can range:
Basic – under $1,000
Intermediate - $1,000 - $3,000
Advanced - $3,000+

We can update your current site. Some sites just need to move to the next level.

Update your content frequently. Update images and graphics to appeal to a wide audience.

To add e-commerce to your existing web site:

You will need an online merchant account

You can use your current Merchant Account Provider – this is the company that you currently use to process your credit cards

It can be same company that you are already using and you may get a discount with your provider for purchasing an online merchant account with them.

Uploading Products:

Once the online merchant account is established we will need products images, descriptions and cost. If you plan to have audio or video we would need sample clips.


The admin. features are easy to use, upload images, cost, pricing, add product, remove product use the inventory control features. You have control over your products at any time.

Camera Phone Usages
Author: Tim Taylor

Camera Phone Usages:

-Take pictures of items in the grocery store that you may not remember which kind your spouse needed. Email it to him/her and you’ll get the right one everytime.

-Take pictures of items you may want to purchase for your home and then when you get home you can see how it would work in your space.

-Use it as a hand-held scanner.

-Take a picture of your computer screen.

-Take a picture of your hotel room number to remember it.

-Moral booster – take a picture of someone in the company or student doing a great job and e-mail it to everyone.

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