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Microsoft Small Business Server
Author: Tim Taylor

Microsoft Small Business Server is from Microsoft and it is a bundle of several products designed for small businesses.

It is an operating systems that runs on a server.

What is a Server? A Server is a computer. It can be your home computer. It can be a designated computer at your office. Server just means that it “serves” other computers. It is the center of your data information where other computers can share information. There are many advantages of having a server in your home or office environment. You can set up security features on the server and give access to certain users and give certain rights to those users. For example in an office environment you may have financial documents that you don’t want everyone in the office to share. A login and password is created so that only certain staff members in the company can view those documents. In other words, you can set up different security levels within your office or home. Another great feature of a server is that you can easily set up and host your email.

The suite currently consists of Windows Server 2003 operating system, Microsoft Exchange Server mail server, Internet Information Server, Microsoft Sharepoint services and Microsoft Office 2003, RAZ Server and Fax Server. Everything is bundled together.

Right out of the box it hosts 5 users. The retail cost is $559.00.

More about emails and the Exchange Server:

Exchange server is an email database that runs on the server. All of the emails from your company can be hosted on your server. Anytime a new user is set up they immediately have an email address. If an email is sent within the company it does not have to leave the company. It is immediate. If you host your emails outside of your company, it goes to your email host then they have to POP it back to you. If you have a big attachment it takes longer to send it out.

More about Microsoft Outlook

Outlook is a software program that comes with Microsoft small business server.

Microsoft Outlook is used for your e-mail, contact database, tasks and calendar. It can be linked to your PDA, Smart Phone, iPack etc…

In a network environment you could have a shared contact list and shared calendar. So information can be shared within the company. Appointments and company contacts can be shared and edited. You can run your personal contacts and calendar along with a shared contacts and calendar.

There are so many advantages to using a shared calendar with your office or at home. You can check to see if someone is available for a meeting, schedule reoccurring meetings, schedule technicians, schedule classes, schedule meetings within the office. At in a home environment you can schedule extracurricular events so no one forget the soccer game or the dentist appointment. You can make notes “My game starts at 9 am instead of 10 am this Friday”. Every computer in the house will able to view the calendar and keep track of everyone’s schedule. Much easier to edit and view than on the refrigerator!

A master contact list can be created and made available to everyone. In an office environment, this is very handy when you need to contact a client and someone has entered their information for you to easily retrieve.

In a home environment, a shared contact list is great for the family. The kids can enter their friends and parents contact information and they can easily be reached in the case of an emergency. Create mail lists for birthday parties or special events.

Another advantage is being able to connect to your home computer from your office to retrieve files. This feature is built in. You connect to your workstation and you are connected.


75 users

It has to be the main domain in your network. You can’t have other domains in the network.

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