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Guest: Don Douglas from AXSA Document Solutions
Author: Tim Taylor

About AXSA:
AXSA is the Largest Sharp dealer in the state of Florida with 6 physical branches in Florida - from Palm Beach County to Jacksonville and stretching from Tampa to Naples.

New Products at AXSA:
Sharp machines have OSA which is Open System Architecture. They essentially tie any computer business application directly through the multi-function product. Open system architecture is defined as a hardware or software architecture whose specifications are available in whole or in part to the public.

Open architecture system specifications are often controlled by an objective third party industry organization but no single developer or vendor has control over its use in various applications. Anyone can develop products for or improve the architecture or technology at any time, without obtaining permission from a vendor. So in this case the computer applications work seamlessly with the product.

For example: If you were in the Legal Market and wanted to scan documents to be archived at a later time you can take the hard copy documents and place the documents on the document feeder. On the operation panel you can see the software application just as you would on your computer screen. A few selections and the document is stored and can be retrieved at a later time. You can assign the document a code.

Document Security:
In a previous show document security was discussed because these large printers/copiers store the information that is being copied on to the hard drive. Therefore, when the machine's lease is up and it is returned or resold the documents that were scanned, copied and printed are stored on the hard drive of that machine.

Don says, “It’s like taking your social security number, important financial documents and doctor’s records and throwing them in a box in the dumpster for someone else to retrieve”.

The Security Solution:
Sharp has created a data security kit. It basically overwrites the information several times and encrypts it. The option is installed in the copier and it is done by the client prior to returning the machine. AXSA clients include military clients because of their ability to overwrite and encrypt the information stored on the machines hard drive.

Some of the machines include Scan Square technology which allows you to scan double sided images from the document handler rather than having to scan one side of the document at a time. This feature saves time and turns the machine into a high speed scanner – 90 pages per minute!

Product Solutions:
AXSA carries machines from entry level (segment 1) which produces 16 pages per minute to the Hercules Series by Sharp which produces 110 pages per minute. These machines are popular for high volume clients and print shops.

HP Program:
AXSA has an all inclusive program. The program provides a fixed cost on supplies and maintenance. With the use of a software program AXSA will come to your business and analyze your printing costs and your volume. They determine your cost per copy and with that information they put together a fixed cost program.

Already have a leased copier?
If you have an old copier, a multifunction printer that is being leased and you are not happy with it, it just doesn't meet your needs, AXSA can come in at the same cost and put you into a new product while saving your company money each month.

Training is also available for any of the machines.

Fast Delivery and Installation:
The large printers are stocked in their inventory and ready for delivery. In most cases a machine can be installed within 72 hours.

For more information visit:

Guest: Mike Elgan from Mike's List and The Raw Feed
Author: Tim Taylor

So how did Mike's List and The Raw Feed come about?

"It started as an email newsletter in mid 90’s. I was editor of Windows I was getting funny, crazy information that was not really appropriate for the magazine. So I starting sending out these messages by providing a subscription to Windows Magazine readers in 1996." Mike Elgan explains.
"It began very blog like. And a few years ago when the blogging revolution hit, I converted the whole thing to a blog and called it - The Raw Feed. The newsletter itself is called Mike’s List. And it is still an email newsletter. The blog is called The Raw Feed."

What is it all about?
They are essentially a wide variety of off beat, very interesting, extreme information that you are not going to read in a regular technology magazine.


There is a billionaire in Mexico – richest man in the world. He replaced Bill Gates. He wants to donate a million laptops.

Tiny USB Device. The smallest removable media - Micro SD Card. It is the size of a house key.

WIFI on airlines! Within 5 years all airlines will have WIFI.

Man electrocuted by his PC.

Wii gaming injuries.

Check the site out! It is amazing what you will find.

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