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More on iPhone
Author: Tim Taylor

It’s out there. Here are more points from Tim.

If you are looking to purchase an iPhone don’t forget to check eBay.

Upcoming Products that could be an alternative to the iPhone:
Advanced iPod
It has everything the iPhone has except it is not a phone.
It will have 10 times the storage capacity.
It will probably replace DVD Portable devices.

Last tip about iPhones, if you don’t have one wait until the next one. It will be bigger and better.

Windows Home Server
Author: Tim Taylor

If you have multiple computers in your home or if you would like to access your home computer from anywhere in the world then you should look into the Windows Home Server.

It is a software package that you install into a computer that you designate as your server. Basically, a desktop with an ample amount of memory space.

You can connect between machines and printers.
It becomes a web server from your house.
You can remote connect to any of your home computers from anywhere (away from home).
You can remote connect to any computer in your house.
It will be able to back up everything.

Designed for simplicity.
Simplify how you keep and share your family's photos, videos, and music.
Friends and family can see and share any files you want, whether they're in another room or another country.

Your family's memories stay safer, too, with daily automatic backups that help you recover lost documents (or rescue computers that have had unfortunate accidents). Adding space to the server is also easy. So don't worry about recording too many vacation movies—Windows Home Server will keep growing and getting better.

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