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Author: Tim Taylor

APPLE Computer turn around

Steve Jobs's Leadership

Under his leadership, Apple's annual profit has surged to almost $2 billion from $65 million in the past five years, while sales more than tripled to about $20 billion.

Jobs says he aims to sell 10 million of the phones in 2008, capturing 1 percent of the global market for handsets. He expects consumers will buy 1 billion mobile phones next year, which would be almost four times the number of personal computers sold.

Apple may top that 10 million forecast, especially after releasing new versions of the iPhone next year, UBS AG analyst Benjamin Reitzes, in New York, said in a report today.

The company said it plans to release the iPhone in Europe later this year and in Asia next year.

EBay Sales

The iPhone, which costs $499 and $599, sold online for a premium at online auction service EBay Inc. The device sold for an average price of $702, with the highest bid at $12,500, according to data today from San Jose, California-based EBay.

There's “nothing else quite like'' the iPhone, said Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at JupiterResearch in New York. “Most consumers have never seen that kind of functionality.''

At Apple's store in New York's SoHo neighborhood, fans counted down the minutes and then the seconds as employees in black-and-white T-shirts arranged iPhone displays. The first two phones went to film director Spike Lee and actress Whoopi Goldberg.

“I'm an Appleholic,'' said Stephanie Richmond, who bought her 8-gigabyte iPhone from Apple's Fifth Avenue store in New York. “I have every Apple product, and I think they're all great.''


11 new reason’s not to buy one (right now)

  1. No other carrier’s SIM phone will work with iPhone.
  2. If you are wearing gloves, the iPhone’s virtual keypad won’t work. That’s a concern for wintertime phone calls in cold areas.
  3. No voice dialing.
  4. No voice recording.
  5. No games.
  6. No capacity for video output to a tv (as iPod has).
  7. No capacity for over-the-air calendar appointments.
  8. No capacity for over-the-air software updates.
  9. No IM. Gotta use text messaging.
  10. No flash or zoom in the camera.
  11. No user replaceable battery!!


Can you use your iTunes songs as ring tones?
Can you download new ones? No. At the moment, the iPhone’s 25 ring tones are your only choices. (They’re really good.)

Can the iPhone receive songs, files, calendar appointments, contacts or software updates wirelessly? No, only from your computer through the U.S.B. charging cradle. But this is kind of neat: Unlike the iPod, there’s no “do not disconnect” message during syncing. You can yank the iPhone out of the cradle whenever you like — to answer a call, for example; syncing resumes when you’re done. You can also operate the iPhone while it is charging.

Why didn’t Apple use AT&T’s faster 3G Internet network? Apple says
that today’s relatively unpolished 3G (third generation) radio chips would drain the battery too fast — and at this point, wouldn’t provide enough of a speed boost to justify that trade-off. Apple will release a 3G iPhone model when the time seems right.

What does it lack? Java, Flash, stored passwords, RSS, streaming audio or video (except for some QuickTime videos).

Does the iPhone synchronize with my computer’s calendar and address book?
It can sync with Address Book or Microsoft Entourage on the Macintosh, Outlook, Outlook Express on Windows, or Yahoo’s address book on the Web. If you add appointments or phone numbers to the iPhone, they are added to your computer the next time you sync.

Does the keyboard rotate when you rotate the iPhone?
Only in the Web browser. That’s a shame, because the rotated keyboard, stretching the full length of the screen, is much bigger and easier to use than the narrow version.

Can you type with two thumbs?
I’ve seen Apple employees flail away with two thumbs as though on a BlackBerry, but it takes loads of practice. After two weeks, I’m still tapping with one index finger.

Can the iPhone replace a BlackBerry?
It’s not really even in the same category. For example, only Yahoo Mail accounts offer “push” e-mail like a BlackBerry, in which new messages appear in real time. For other accounts, the iPhone checks either periodically (every 15, 30 or 60 minutes) or when you tap the Check button. Similarly, you can view e-mailed Word, Excel and PDF attachments on the iPhone, but you can’t create or edit them. The iPhone doesn’t work with corporate Exchange e-mail systems, either, unless the administrator turns on IMAP (the administrator presumably knows what that is).


Is there an ambient light sensor?
Yes. A light sensor lies camouflaged behind the black glass. Each time you wake the phone, it adjusts the brightness — to make it brighter in sunlight, for example. You can also adjust the brightness manually.

Does the camera have a flash? Zoom? Self-portrait mirror?
None of the above. The chrome Apple logo on the back is not a self-portrait mirror.

Are there any secret features?
When the screen is off, the glossy black glass becomes a handy makeup mirror.
Author: Tim Taylor

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