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Apple iPhone
Author: Tim Taylor

Apple’s new iPhone due out on the 29th.

What looks cool?

A large 3.5 inch screen!

This screen will automatically rotate when you start to play a movie - The iPhone also comes with some unique sensors that detect how you're using the phone and change the display accordingly. A proximity sensor knows when you bring the phone to your ear and then dims the screen and shuts off the touch screen. The ambient light sensor adjusts brightness and saves power, and the accelerometer knows when to switch between landscape and portrait orientation.

Apple went through numerous iterations of the glass surface, trying to find one that’s not too slick or too rough, or that shows grease and fingerprints too much. You still get finger streaks, but they’re relatively subtle and a quick wipe on your sleeve takes care of them.

* The Web browsing experience is incredible. You see the entire Web page on the iPhone’s screen. You double-tap any spot to zoom in. Or you use the two-fingered spread-apart gesture to “stretch” the image larger, or pinch your thumb and forefinger on the glass to zoom out again. The manipulation is seamless, smoothly animated—and useful.

Using Google Maps to get you driving directions and maps, for example, is just light-years simpler and more powerful than on any other machine, thanks to this “rubber Web page” stretching technology.

2. ATT will be the new only carrier – since Cingular and BellSouth are now ATT this will be easy for a lot of folks.

Microsoft Surface
Author: Tim Taylor

Microsoft Surface – a computer built into a table top
Touch the table to operate the New Microsoft Surface.

Put your camera on the table and the pics show up on the table – size them how you want – then e-mail them out!

● Go to a restaurant and touch what you want to eat and drag it over to the “order” spot on the table and off it goes.

● Watch the news (or a movie for the kids) while you eat – hot news breaks in – order stuff online while you wait - Turn over your coke and you just bought a new CAR!

● When you are done place your CC on the table, it totals up your bill and asks if you want to give a tip, just touch the tip spot on the table and “dial up” a button and the tip amount goes up. You can also split the bill between Credit cards – just drag to your card what you ate!

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