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Special Guest Jim Barry from The Consumer Electronics Association
Author: Tim Taylor


Special Guest Jim Barry

from The Consumer Electronics Association


New in Electronics

3% up prediction (looks like it might happen)


Top Electronic Sales for the Holiday’s

·         Notebook Computers

·         iPads

·         eBook Readers

·         Televisions sold well this year.


eBook Review (Kindle) and discussion with Jim and Tim

·         January expected to be a big month for downloading books




·         Consumer Electronic Show.

·         New Generation – Growing up with Cell phones, texting, computers, Facebook etc…

·         Pace of Change in New technology.


Consumer Electronics Show (Jan. 6 – 9) in Los Vegas

Anticipated new launches

Sony’s Google TV

Play Book

Nintendo 3D Masterpiece


Big topic at show: Conversion of TV to internet (facebooking on TV, Movies on Demand etc…)



Streaming Video / Video Meetings

Internet Safety



·         Rural Area (cable?) How to get High Speed Internet in Rural Areas
Clear Wireless Internet Information: (

·         IP address Information

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