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Special Guest MSP Trainer Gary Pica of TruMethods
Author: Tim Taylor

Congratulations to magicJack Winner - Bob Bergby of Winter Springs.

Interview with Gary Pica

- Pioneer in the Managed Services Field
- Company - Digital Dynamic Sevices early the market in the MSP area
- Fastest growing MSP's (Managed Service Providers) in country
- 7,000 under management/$500,000 a month of reoccuring revenue
- Acquired by MindShift in 2005
- Now runs TruMethods, a coaching and mentoring firm, aimed at helping IT service providers reach their full potential as MSP's.
- Solution Packaging for businesses.

Managing all aspects of IT in a business rather than the old "break - fix" process.
- The process that is used to drive technology in businesses.
- Helping business manage technology to improve business.
- Understanding IT costs.
- The right technology and planning - to save money and time.
- Collaboration of information to save time.

Why should a business use a Service Manage Provider over a "Break - Fix guy" ...
- Complexity of technology creates risks for businesses.
- Software tools to prevent problems on machines.
- Need to apply processes; monitoring, automation, backup.
- Consistently monitored machines.
- Get a handle on expenses (fixed expenses).
- Lowering capital costs.
- Centralized solutions (remote access).
- Team of professionals (not just one person to come out when available to fix computers).

- Slow Desktop - wants to reinstall to original (tip: need to download Windows updates and antivirus when you are done reinstalling).
*Recommended Windows Essentials (

- External Drive Issues

- Router Login/Password

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