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Special Guest Dr. Jeffery Bos - Preventing Carpal Tunnel
Author: Tim Taylor

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Show Notes:

Tuscawilla Chiropractic Center
Dr. Jeffery Bos
(407) 695-3000

Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist and Acupuncturist
Current Director of the Central Florida Chiropractic Society
Past Examiner for the Florida Board of Chiropractic Department of Health  
Board of Directors for Florida Chiropractic Association
Private Practice since 1992
Owner of Tuscawilla Chiropractic Center in Winter Springs
Interview Notes
- repetitive irritation to certain parts of the body (joints and shoulder)
- usually starts in the neck

Posture at the computer:
  • Sit straight
  • Hip level should be at a 90 degree angle between your legs and torso (your pelvis forward so that your back is not slumped backwards). 
  • Elbows should be at 90 degrees as well. So you need to raise your desk or keyboard so that your arms at a 90 degree angle.
  • Screen should be at eye level.
Preventing Carpal Tunnel
  • Nerve originates in the neck so there can be a misalignment in the neck that goes down into the arm.
  • There are 8 bones in the wrist which one can misalign and cause pressure on the nerve.
  • Surgery vs. Other Treatments
  • Symptoms

Additional Tip:
Watch your diet - stay away from refined sugars


  • Card Reader - Error
  • Desktop Computer - Locks up
  • External Hard Drive Files (Adobe Reader Error)
  • Unable to buy apps from iTunes
  • Netbook (wireless printer install error)


Security Flaw in Windows
Targets the way Windows handles shortcuts files
Being spread by USB drives


Sofos (free program) will monitor all shortcut links and will automatically block suspicious links.

About Tuscawilla Chiropractic Center

Tuscawilla Chiropractic Center practices at 1450 Tuskawilla Rd. #100 Winter Springs, FL. Chiropractors diagnose and treat common spinal misalignment's that can occur from lifestyle or injuries causing pain, discomfort and degenerative conditions.

Tuscawilla Chiropractic Center may be able to treat; back pain, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sports injuries, and work-related injuries.

To learn more, or to make an appointment with Tuscawilla Chiropractic Center in Winter Springs, FL, please call (407) 695-3000 for more information.

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