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Special Guest Jim Montgomery
Author: Tim Taylor

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Show Notes:

Special Show for Business Owners!

- Exchange Server
- Advantages of Hosted Exchange (you don't have to back it up or house equipment)
Shared emails, calendars, synchronized great with phone
If an email is deleted off of your phone, home computer or work computer it is deleted in all places (not just a copy of the email is deleted and then you have to go back and editted your emails).

Mac vs. PC
- Cost
- Repairs
- Other comparisons

- Wireless Connection Speed
- Anti-Virus Issues
- Virus from iPod

Suggestions for Anti-Virus Software

Notes about SPAM to Business Owners:
  • Employee productivity is LOST when employees have to sift through spam mail! As a business owner you could be losing $600+ a month for employees to go through Spam mail.
  • Backup Suggestions for Business Owners
  • 2010 Outlook: Multiple Email Systems (3), You can connect up to 3 Exchange Servers.
  • Carbonite Back up Solutions (

TIP: Protect your computer as a business owner with reasonably priced solutions for backing up your data.

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