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Special Guest Aseem from Barracuda Networks
Author: Tim Taylor

Interview with Aseem from Barracuda Networks. Aseem discusses business solution products with Tim.

The Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall is an integrated hardware and software solution for complete protection of your email server. It provides a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solution to eliminating spam and viruses from your organization by providing the following protection:
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-spyware (Attachments)
  • Denial of Service

The Barracuda Web Filter is an integrated content filtering, application blocking and malware protection solution that is powerful, easy to use and affordable for businesses of all sizes. It enforces Internet usage policies by blocking access to Web sites and Internet applications that are not related to business, and it easily and completely eliminates spyware and other forms of malware from your organization. No more productivity loss trying to repair computers or make computers usable again.

  • Blocks access to Web sites based on domain, URL pattern, or content category
  • Blocks downloads based on file type
  • Blocks applications that access the Internet, including IM, music services, and software update utilities
  • Integrates with "safe search" filters built into popular images search engines
  • Provides integrated gateway and desktop spyware protection

The Barracuda IM Firewall is the first and only all-in-one instant messaging appliance available.

  • IM traffic identification and logging
  • Exports to message archiving solutions
  • Public IM access controls
  • Virus scanning of incoming messages and files
  • File transfer management
  • Keyword notification and content management
  • A private and secure IM server and client solution
  • Access to internal and all public IM networks from a single client

The Barracuda Link Balancer routes and manages traffic across multiple Internet connections. Designed to scale for high bandwidth requirements and provide business continuity for an organization, the Barracuda Link Balancer optimizes the use of multiple Internet links, such as T1s, T3s, DSL and cable connections from one or multiple Internet service providers.

The Barracuda Message Archiver is a complete and affordable email archiving solution, enabling you to effectively index and preserve all emails, enhance operational efficiencies and achieve regulatory compliance. Leveraging standard policies and seamless access to messages, email content is fully indexed and backed up to enable administrators, auditors and end users quick retrieval of any email message stored in an organization’s email archive.

  • Comprehensive archiving
  • Exchange stubbing
  • Search and retrieval
  • Policy management
  • Intelligent Storage Manager
  • Roles-based interface
  • Reporting and statistics

The Barracuda Load Balancer is a scalable and comprehensive solution for distributing network traffic across multiple servers. The Barracuda Load Balancer offers network administrators reliability, speed and security through session.

The Barracuda Web Application Firewall is a complete and powerful security solution for Web applications and Web sites. The Barracuda Web Application Firewall provides award-winning protection against hackers leveraging protocol or application vulnerabilities to instigate data theft, denial of service or defacement of your Web site.

  • Protection against common attacks
  • Outbound data theft protection
  • Web site cloaking
  • Granular policies
  • Secure HTTP traffic
  • SSL Offloading
  • SSL Acceleration
  • Load Balancing

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Special Guest Aseem from Barracuda Networks
Author: Tim Taylor

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