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Special Post-Gator Game Show
Author: Tim Taylor

Special Guest: Jim Montgomery

Virus Discussion

  • REMEMBER: (No Bank, eBay, PayPal or Company will email you to request your login and password). If you don’t know who the email is from DO NOT open the attachment.

  • TaylorWorks offers Spam Filtering.

  • Facebook Latest: If you click on an app (game) there are some viruses built into them (keyloggers) that can get into your system.

  • Protect your data and keep your anti-virus up to date.

  • AVG is a really good anti-virus.

  • The paid version is $35 a year. Between $30-$40 a year is what you want to invest in a good anti-virus.

  • Difference of Paid Version and Free Version. The Paid version protect more from web based viruses.

  • PC Tools is also good.

  • You can get infected by just going to a web site.


  • When you get sent a PDF it could have a virus so beware.
  • (Use Google Viewer if you are not sure)
  • FREE PDF Viewer (1.5 MB). Called Foxit. Interactive Form Filler. Converts PDF files to text files.

BOT NET infecting corporations
In San Francisco they found 74,000 virus infected computers that stoled information from corporations and government agencies.

More than 2,400 corporation were hit by this BOT NET.

**If you are plugged into the internet DO NOT take chances. Run Microsoft updates. Keep you Anti-virus and Spyware updated. Back up your data. Use carbonite (off-site storage).

Email Issues: Can send email but they only get one letter (no message).
Video Conferencing with Skype.
How safe are Smart Phones and viruses.
Internet connection (no ringer)
Wants to use current email address with other company

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