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Reasons to Upgrade to Vista provided by Mad Magazine
Author: Tim Taylor



TOP 10

10 - Your computer has been running too smooth.

9 - You don’t get enough email and you want to get new security warnings everyday.

8 - You like the simplicity of seeing the solid blue background on your monitor.

7 - You think the wealth of Bill Gates has been overblown and you would like to give him a few hundred dollars more.

6 - You really don’t use those programs that won’t run when Vista is installed.

5 - You are lonely and talking to tech support is a way to have personal contact.

4 - You are feeling nostalgic for the time when you first got your computer and you didn’t know what you were doing.

3 - Being spied on sort of means someone cares about you.

2 - You want an operating system that steals even more of the good stuff from Mac.

1 - It will put you one step closer to switching to Linux.

How to Save Money when Refilling Ink Cartridges
Author: Tim Taylor


We all know how expensive ink cartridges are to refill. We have some suggestions on how to save money when it comes time to refill your printer's ink cartridges.

Walgreens is going to start refilling cartridges. This is a good resource since they have convenient locations as well as convenient hours.

Another good resource is Cartridge World. They have several locations including one in Oviedo, Florida. They refill the cartridges COMPLETELY not just half way and they cost about half the price.

Also, check eBay and Google Printer Cartridges for better deals.

COST OF INK – check this out!

An HP #45 cartridge cost on average $30 for 42milliliters of ink.

That's means it costs .71 cents per milliliter.

1 litter of ink would cost $710.

Since there is 3.78 litters in a gallon that would mean that for a gallon of ink it would cost $2,687!

Human Blood cost 40 cents a milliliter!

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