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Special Guest: Ron Wiley from Southeastern Data
Author: Tim Taylor

Special Guest: Ron Wiley from Southeastern Data

Visit online at:

Located in Oviedo – North of UCF

Electronic Recycling Company

  • Computer and other equipment shouldn’t go to landfills. There are chemicals and other items that over time affect our environment.
  • If equipment is turned in to Southeastern Data they are cleaned out!
    Southeastern Data is DOD (Department of Defense) rated.
  • The Data is wiped clean!
  • They can take data off of any kind of media.
  • Protect you from Identity theft!
  • Hard drives are reusable.
  • If customer really wants the hard drives destroyed they can be Crushed – shredded or drilled.
  • They will pick up equipment from a business customer or you can drop the equipment off at their Oviedo location.
  • If the product is remarketable they do have a revenue program. You can get paid if it sells or they may purchase the product.
  • Used machines are available (XP operating system installed) Average cost for recycled $60 for tower - $200 for laptop
  • Southeastern Data will Clean Hard drives as a service (individual or group)

About Southeastern Data
Recycling & Remarketing of computers & electronics including Systems, Monitors and Electronic Parts. Southeastern Data Specializes in world wide importing and exporting of hard to find electronics. Our clients include businesses of all types, colleges and universities, technology suppliers, resellers, government accounts and more.

Since 1996 Southeastern Data has provided recycling & remarketing of of all types of computers & electronic equipment. We offer pickup service across the nation and to a number of locations outside of the country.

Southeastern Data is an expert at recycling all forms of electronics and equipment. We offer wholesale pricing of refurbished and new-old-stock items at our warehouse location in Oviedo, Florida. Our warehouse is open to the public Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. with other hours available by appointment.



  • Laptop with Virus: Beware of errors that come up saying “you need to purchase this antivirus program to get rid of your virus”.
  • eMachine computer with Windows 7 and Office is not working.
  • Power Supply for computers (save energy) 350 Watts is enough for a basic machine.
  • Computer on or off?
  • Wants to transfer images and info from old hard drives to one storage unit.
  • Lost files due to virus. Office XP - trying to locate key to reinstall.


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