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Special Guest Mike Elgan from The Raw Feed
Author: Tim Taylor

The Raw Feed
Where Technology and Culture Collide

Interview with Mike Elgan

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  • Working remotely and it’s advantages / disadvantages


    • (


Netbooks were originally called “superportables”. Small, inexpensive notebooks. They changed the name to market it as a “internet laptop”. Mostly using online applications.


Mikes says “The real netbook is coming”.

The concept was to use online applications, but that is not true. People buy them because they are cheap, but they are still in the making with smaller screens.


The “Smart Book” is coming is which actually a giant Cell Phone. It will look like a laptop. Will run like iPhone, Windows Mobile and platform support. You will be able to view, movies, browse the internet, small enough to carry around.


  • MicroSoft Surface
  • Computer of the Future
  • YouTube: Search:  Jeff Han (interface devices)


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Discontinuing Free Movie Maker:

Breaking from tasks – Do they make us more productive?



Search Engine Marketing: (photography services)

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