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Guy Suter from Barracuda with Barracuda Business Level Solutions!
Author: Tim Taylor


Barracuda Networks


Business Level Products

Small to Enterprise Business



-         Gateway security product for email server (Exchange Server or Email in-house). Sits in front of your email environment and protects it from SPAM and Viruses.

-         80,000 customers

-         Your internet connection flows through this device before hitting your server

-         Benefit: Hardware dedicated solution

-         95% of email is SPAM

-         Saves production time

-         Provides a quarantine box so you can check to make sure it is identifying emails correctly


-         Backs up server off-site and can restore if the event of damage to your server.

-         Does not slow down computer during the day.

-         You don’t have to pay by user / you pay by capacity!!! (Starting at $999)

-         No swapping of tapes!!!


-         Sits next to Mail Server

-         Archives all emails that comes in and out of your mail server whether the user deletes the message or not


-         Works with Compliance Issues with the ability to retrieve any email

-         Optimize primary email server



Wireless Router Protection TIP: Don’t use WEP, Upgrade to WPA2 



  • Purchased a Mac and using FinalCut – when importing video files they are in AVI format and needs MOV format for FinalCut. Needs AVI to MOV conversion software.
  • Unable to Compress Recording (audacity:
  • Downloading Audio Problem (computer prompts to download first). Need to set default (file association types). Open file with. My computer/tools/folder options/file types.
  • Password Issue

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