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Special Guest: Mike Elgan from The Raw Feed
Author: Tim Taylor

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Mike Elgan: Noted computer columnist & founder of, Mike Elgan talks with Tim about "Nomad Computing".

  • Thanks to technology there is a growing trend of combining work, vacation and retirement.
  • Technology is allowing people to work more away from the office
  • You can go to coffee shops, rent office space etc...
  • People are traveling and working from other Countries
  • Advantages: Cost of living and expenses are less coming out ahead, gain new customers by traveling, experience more in life.
  • Disadvantages: Time differences, not face to face meetings, relationships with friends, children's education, medical facilities, church relationships etc....
  • Camera and technology for "virtual meetings"


  • Digital Camera Question (hairline crack) - Colonial Photo and Hobby
  • Compaq Computer - Flash Drive Question (make sure you dismount a flash drive before you remove it).
  • Virus Issue
  • Number Pad Function

    All Window users are vulnerable to Abobe Flash Zero Day Attack. Patch available this Thursday. Avoid using Flash until Thursday.

iTune just stops working? It may be a conflict between AVG anti-virus software and iTunes. New update available today from AVG website.

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