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Special Guest: Carey Holzman from Computer America
Author: Tim Taylor

Freebie of the Week:
Don't let your car overheat! If you see the gauge getting hot, pull over right away. It doesn't take long to go from needing a bit of antifreeze to needing a whole new engine

Cloud Computing - Keep your documents safe in case your computer crashes.
 - - Free 2 GB of remote data backup, more space available for purchase, share one account for all your computers
 - - $55 per year for unlimited data backup


How to clean personal information off a computer before donating it.
 - Safest Method: replace the hard drive, or donate the computer without a hard drive. You can keep the drive, put it in an external hard drive enclosure, and use it as a backup device.
 - Reformat the hard drive
 - Southeastern Data in Oviedo can bulk erase hard drives

New FireFox browser update causing pages to load slow
 - Disable the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant add-in within FireFox
 - Disabling the add-in may cause some pages not to work, but will speed up browsing

Ripping Music CDs with Windows Media Player
 - Audacity - Free audio editing and CD ripping software

Data Backup on an External Hard Drive
 - External hard drives don't last forever! Make sure you have another copy of your data somewhere.

Find Old Photos on a Hard Drive 
- Built-in Windows Search feature. 
    - For XP and Vista, you can search for 'Photos and Videos'
    - For older versions, search for *.jpg to find all pictures
 - Colonial Photo and Hobby can recover lost photos from flash memory devices

Ubuntu Video Problem 
 - Check for new drivers specifically for Ubuntu

New PC Unable to Communicate with Internet
Check other computers in the household to make sure internet connection is working
 - Try loading another browser (like FireFox) onto the computer using a thumb drive

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