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My Space Protection
Author: Tim Taylor

In a previous show we explored My Space and Phishing. Phishing in My Space (or on any other web site) occurs when you are logged on to a web site and a link appears on that site. When you click on it you are taken to another site that appears to be the same site. You are asked your login and password. When you click on send or continue or OK your log in and password have been "Phished" or taken by a hacker. Now they will have the ability to send you unwanted links and advertisements to you’re my space account or if this occurred on another account that you have it will happen there as well. IMMEDIATELY change your password.

Advice from Brandon Taylor, My Space frequent user, regarding a My Space Account:

(1) Make your profile private.

(2) Don’t click on unfamiliar or suspicious comments.

(3) Delete unwanted comments.

(4) If Phishing occurs change password.

(5) If you are asked for your login and password check the URL. Are you still on My Space? If not, do not enter your information.

Advice to parents: Parents check your child's My Space site frequently. Check the friends list. Make sure they are people they know. Use the controls provided and make the profile private.

Vista "Myths and Realities"
Author: Tim Taylor

Vista Myths and Realities

Vista is the upgrade from Windows XP Operating System

Note on the Versions of Vista:

The Version of Vista that is best for home users is HOME PREMIUM.

TOP 10 Myths:

You’ll have to buy a new, high-end PC to run Vista.

You can run Vista with 1 GB (recommended) but it will run with 512 MB. The most important thing to have is a video card. There is a utility on MicroSoft’s web site that will tell you if you can run Vista on your computer. Vista comes with a Video graphic system called Aeroglass. You don’t have to run Aeroglass and you won't be able to if you don't have a high end video card. You don't have to run Aeroglass, but you will need a video card. The Solution: Get an inexpensive PC video card.

Vista will solve all your security problems.

Not true. You will still have to continue your antivirus and antispyware software. Also continue running your Windows Updates.

Vista is no more secure than XP SP2.

There are more security features, some are frustrating – you can turn some of it off, but it is more secure than XP SP2.

The only thing new about Vista is the eye candy.

It is pretty, but that is not all. They have re-written programs. Outlook Express is gone. They have a new mail program, Windows Mail.

The file Navigation system is different. Going from folder to folder is not the same. It takes some getting use to.

You can’t dual boot Vista with another operating system.

You can. You can have Vista and XP on your machine. You can choose which one when you boot up your computer.

You would want to do this if you have software that isn’t compatible with Vista. It isn’t practical and you should upgrade the software if possible.

Vista requires (or includes) Office 2007.

No. You can run Office 2003.

Most old applications and peripherals won’t work with Vista.

Not true. Vista was shipped to developers a year prior to going live. If you have software that does not work, it is the Manufacturer’s fault. They had time to update.

Vista has a Compatibility Mode Feature: If you have an old application this mode helps to run the software. This will probably come up with most games.

You can now check how well a game will run on your computer. There is a rating system from 0 – 5.0. It is printed on the box of the game. You can analyze your machine to get your rating and compare it to the rating on the game. The rating is based on your Ram, Processor, Video Card Driver and Video Card. The highest is 5.0.

You have to buy a Premium version of Vista if you have a dual core machine.

A dual core processor is recommended with Vista Premium, but you don’t have to have a Premium version of Vista. If you do not have the Premium version with a dual machine it will not recognize the second processor.

Vista costs a lot more than XP.

Same price. If you buy a new computer it’s built in.

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