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Special Guest: Rick Carlson, President and Founder of SurfSecret: Privacy and Identity Protection
Author: Tim Taylor


SurfSecret provides Privacy and Identity Protection Software.


SurfSecret Web Site


About Privacy Product: KeyPad

Keypad provides a safe place to store all of your most sensitive data like passwords and user names that you use online every day for banking, making purchases online, paying your bills online or even you various email accounts. Most people keep this information on a sheet of paper or in a Word document. Most people have multiple passwords and usually use a common password for banking and for other logins. Everytime you enter a login and password you are vulnerable to giving this information to someone else that can steal your identity. If those sites that you visit or your own machine were to get hacked people would have access to all of that information.


Keypad, by SurfSecret stores your passwords and then creates stronger passwords that are more difficult to hack. It remembers your new password information and keeps it for you in an encrypted file. Then when you visit a web site like your banking web site, it will automatically fill in your login and password. All you have to remember is a Master Password.


Benefits in Business Environment: You won’t lose productivity from retrieving passwords.


Protects Individuals from Identity Theft (2 most common “hacking tricks”)

-         Phishing: They try to trick the user. The email looks like it comes from your bank, face book, Amazon and it tells you to verify your login and password. They are actually brining you to a web site that is stored on a server overseas that looks JUST like your bank or eBay and then if you enter your login or password.


-         Key Logger: Sits silently on your machine. You won’t know it is there and it will activate and record your key strokes like login information and password to your bank. The information is sent to a server overseas. Thus your identity is stolen.


**When your information is taken, most damage is done within the 1st hour.


How KeyPad protects you from Phishing sites:

KeyPad will recognize that it is an “unknown site” and will NOT enter your login information.


How KeyPad protects you from Key loggers:

Since Keypad is storing your login information the key strokes cannot be recorded and used to steel your identity.


KeyPad Basic is FREE

Protect 5 most critical web sites for free!


What if I work on multiple computers?

KeyPad allows for multiple machines by using a thumb drive. You can run the application off of a thumb drive without leaving a foot print. You can store the application on every machine as well. It will look for your encrypted passwords from your master password.


***If you use a public machine or a friend’s machine – you don’t know if they have a Key Logger. By using a thumb drive with the application you don’t give access to your information.


 How many login and passwords do you have? Think about your banking information, Facebook, twitter, email accounts, Google account, Amazon account, your online bills (electricity, utilities, loans, car payment, credit cards etc…).


Get a Free Basic Copy at: SurfSecret Web Site



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