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Green Computing
Author: Tim Taylor

Green Computing (saving power with your computer)

  • Power management tools on almost every machine (sleep modes)
  • Hibernate Mode (turns off and when you turn it back on it reloads to where you were)
  • Use blank screen savers (no image)
  • Choose laptop over desktop (use 15 - 30 w  vs. 60 – 150 w)
  • Turn machines off when you leave your office
  • Can’t get new laptop to see network printer (need driver)



  • Computer not booting up from Power Supply (power supply flashing)
  • Forgot Excel Password
  • Has Vista with Wireless Network. It keeps picking up neighbors rather than one in house
  • USB Port (Power or Non-Power) for Magic Jack
  • Unable to print using wireless network
  • External Hard Drive Full (running full back up) (for more information about next meeting – May 17th)



2007 Office Ultimate Winner: Jacki Skelton


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