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Blue Ray DVD vs. HD DVD's
Author: Tim Taylor

You may have recently purchased a High Def TV and noticed that your DVD movies don’t have the same quality picture. Why is this?

If the movie is not a High Definition DVD Movie it will not display in the high quality resolution that your new TV is set up to produce.

There are 2 High Definition DVD’s that are at “war” with each other to see which one will become the High Definition DVD standard for movies.

  • Blue Ray DVD
  • HD (high definition DVD)

So what is the difference between the two?

There really is no difference.

A Single Layer of Blue Ray Disc can hold 25 GB. High def DVD holds 15 GB. That’s about it and doesn’t really mean anything regarding your movies and which DVD player to purchase.

So here’s the problem. Which DVD Player should you purchase that supports High Definition DVD’s? We are getting to that.

Blue Ray and HD DVD’s are supported by separated companies.

Blue Ray is supported by 20th Century Fox, Buena Vista Home Television, Electronic Arts, MGM Studios, Paramount, Sony, Walt Disney and Warner Brothers.

HD DVD’s are being supported by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, New Line Cinema, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, Universal Studio and MicroSoft.

Good News – These two companies have gotten together on the encryption so that the new high definition DVD’s cannot be copied. Macrovision (the older format) was easy to copy. Do millions of dollars were lost by second version or copied movies. With this new encryption it can even change so when it is figured out by a hacker it can be easy changed to prevent copies being made and sold.

In Summary - Basically, there has been an Evolution with Optical Digital.

At first the CD was read by a laser.

Then we were able to burn on them.

Then we could read and burn DV’s. What was happening is the laser kept getting smaller so that more information could fit on the CD/DVD.

High Definition requires a huge amount of space.

Now the laser is so small that High Definition can fit on a DVD.

The name Blue Ray comes from the laser light which is blue (the old one was red) so that more date can fit.

A Single Layer of Blue Ray Disc can hold 25 GB. High def DVD holds 15 GB.

In comparison the CD ROM in your car holds 700 Mega Bytes (that’s not even 1 GB).

Research – The lastest polls show that there are currently 160 movies on each format.

So the big questions is…

I am getting ready to buy a DVD player. Do I choose the one that plays Blue Ray or HD DVD’s?

There is a combo unit made by LG. It supports both Blue Ray and HD DVD

and costs around $1,200.

Non combo units for Blue Ray only are around $700 and HD DVD player cost around $400.

NOTE: If you don’t have an HD (high definition tv) this won’t matter.

TIP: The best tip at this point is to wait unless you can afford the combo unit. In a few months technology will be cheaper and other models/options will be available.

Good news for Gamers

If you have an X Box, you can purchase a HD DVD player that attaches to the Xbox and you can play any HD DVD’s. The player costs around $200 from Microsoft. Plug it into your Xbox and you can play any HD DVD movies.

Wireless Security
Author: Tim Taylor


Wireless Security – Home Users

If you have a wireless router you are transmitting that signal for about 300 feet.  If your security on that router is not turned on, others in your area can use your signal. Your neighbors, people driving by, apartment and townhouse renters and owners especially since they are so close to one another. If you have, for example, a Linksys router which is fairly common, your default name on your router is Linksys. Your neighbors router may also be a Linksys. When they set up thier wireless connection they could have simply selected your router since the name was the same.

So how could this harm me?

Whenever you communicate over the Internet using a wired or wireless connection, you want to make sure that your communications and files are private and protected. Someone can actually sit outside of your house (a Spammer) and send out 1,000’s of spam messages (junk email, advertisements etc…). When it is traced back it will be traced back to you. It has happened and it is an issue that you should take with precautions.

There are several levels of encryption that are inside of the router that you can turn on.

WEP and WPA. Turn them on.

Change the Router ID.

Here are 3 ways to ensure security:

  • Hide the name of your Wireless Network.
  • Turn on WEP or WPA.
  • Only allow these MAC addresses to connect.

Please contact us if you need any assistance with securing your wireless connection.

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