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Author: Tim Taylor

What is Phishing?
When hackers get your information by using fictitious screens. There objective is to capture your information so they can try to sell you something.

My Space - Phishing
-You'll think you are on a companies official site with your log in and password. LOOK AT THE ADDRESS BAR. Your bank, my space, eBay will never email you "click here" and enter your login and password. If you do that they will capture your information.

Protect Yourself
When you get an email with a link don't link to it. Go to the actual site from the address bar. Changed passwords often. If you think you have been phished, contact your bank or company and change your passwords.

Laptop Computer Theft
Author: Tim Taylor

Every 53 seconds a laptop gets stolen in this Country.
Replacing a laptop generally costs $6,000. The number one environment where laptops are stolen are from students, college campuses, coffee houses etc...

In a business environment you can use lock cables. Keep your comptuer in an inconspicuous place (not hanging out of a computer bag or packpack). Keep computer logos hidden (i.e., apple). Engrave your name and phone number on your laptop.

97% never get recovered
Security Feature:
Download software
Cost: $49.00 a year

How it works:
The software writes an encryption on the bios of your computer (BIOS = basic input output).
The bios are built into your operating system.

When the computer is stolen and a connection to the internet is made it sends a ping to your ISP internet service provider and the laptop is covered 75% of the time.

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Author: Tim Taylor

Nice screen features
Security features
Easy to install and run (DVD)

Easy Media Creator does not work
Some other programs do not work (go to the companies web site to find out if it is compatible with Vista)
Gamers - DO NOT install

My Space Security
Author: Tim Taylor

Don't put personal information like your phone number or address on my space.
Make your site "private".
Only invite your friends


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Author: Tim Taylor

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